Breeding "Horses that live their name"

Legacy’s Cleopatra

Cleopatra and Sabina Van Der Helm

Cleopatra and Sabina Van Der Helm

Cleopatra scored 78% on inspection by an international inspectorate who commented ” Excellent modern sporthorse filly with attitude” ¬†Cleopatra stems from the world class ¬†Holstein C-line. Her Sire Casanova showjumped A Grade as did her Dam, the imported Hanoverian mare- Winga. Winga was also a medium dressage horse and won the Complete Horse at Rothmans Derby jumping through a hoop of fire. Cleopatra has inherited a world class jumping ability and 3 very elastic paces. She is embarking on her showjumping career before retiring to breeding.CLEO PEDIGREE


























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