Breeding "Horses that live their name"


Caron Potocnik and Advanced Dressage stallion Legacy’s Bonheur

At Legacy Stud our philosophy is as follows: International performance statistics and research guide our breeding programs. Towards this end we have incorporated world-ranked German, Selle Francais and recently modern Lusitano bloodlines into our Stud – the goal of which is to provide a fully-imported pedigree and international quality horse for the South African market, within the Country as well as overseas. Our imported horses include the world class pedigrees, (Dressage) Premium Rubinstein, Champion Hanoverians Weltmeyer and Werther as well as Grand Prix Renoir and Grundstein , (Showjumping) International Showjumpers Alme, Ahorn, Calido (3 / 25 top performers Beijing), Grannus, Landgraf, Cor de la Bryere – to name only a few.

We believe that mares are as important, if not more so at times than the stallion. Towards this end, we have made every effort to include Premium and Elite imported mares, and believe that the quality of our progeny confirms this philosophy. Excellent nutrition is essential, as this translates directly to healthy bone and soft tissue development, and therefore soundness in a competition career. For this reason the mares, foals and growing youngsters are well supplemented throughout. Above all, we rate temperament most highly, as no horse will ever realize his full potential without good temperament and workability. Our horses are also an intimate part of our family life and are well handled and domesticated from birth. This makes them confident and safe in their human relationships—aside from a pleasure to work and train.

Schooling of young horses is correct and classical. We start all our own youngsters and follow a Classical system of Training.

The full-size (20 x 60 metre) Indoor School is fully equipped with irrigation, top quality lighting and a professionally installed working surface. Other permanent features include a high quality sound system, electricity for catering purposes as well as spectator gallery and seating to accommodate approximately 60 people.

The indoor arena  in the past 3 years has been host to more than 25 seminars including multiple international trainers and experts. These include: Helmut Wagner (German accredited Reitlehrer FN), Jorge Sousa (Portuguese Trainer/Portugal Multiple Equitation Champion), Jorge Pereira (Grand Prix Rider/Trainer), Bento Castelhano (Portugal Trainer/KWPN & Portugal Inspector), Celia Clarke (UK Chairperson British Sport Horse Society & International Inspector), Dr Eric Barrey (Foremost world expert Equine Kinetics, Paris).